Political Process Preferences


What is the Nature of a Political Process Preference? The 3Cs Framework as a New Multidimensional Conceptualization

Introducing the 3Cs Framework, which tries to map out three dimensions necessary to understand the nature of a political process preference: coherence, contextuality, conditionality. This is a development of my previous 2022 ECPR Conference paper. You can download the new version from this blog post.


From an Ideological to a Contingent Conceptualisation of Political Process Preferences: A Multidimensional Approach

Next week at the ECPR Annual Conference in Innsbruck I will present my new working paper, which develops a multidimensional framework for understanding the nature of a political process preference. You can download the full paper from this blog post.

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Leadership in Transdisciplinary Knowledge Co-production

How can we broaden the range of actors involved in the solving complex problem of generating sustainable urban communities? A new, open access book on Transdisciplinary Knowledge Co-production gives a detailed account of the methods, with a contribution from Catherine Durose, Beth Perry, Liz Richardson and I on leadership in co-production.